Things to be kept in mind while collecting casino chips

Things to be kept in mind while collecting casino chips

Casino chips (also sometimes called as tokens or cheques) are a unified form of currency that can be exchanged only in casinos. These chips have no value outside the casino. You might wonder why the casinos prefer these real-world valueless chips as there mode of currency. Casino chips have a fixed value and are of uniform size and shape which makes it easy to count which also reduces the probability of incorrect payment. The chips are also uniform in weight so it becomes convenient for the casino to calculate the value of these chips by weighing, at times when they have to deal with a bulk of them.

The casino chips have been considered as an integral part of the casino environment as they have been in use, not necessarily in the same form and the same name, from the time casinos came into existence. So replacing the chips with any other currency would be dubious.

Things to be kept in mind while collecting casino chips

Getting started with chip collection

Anyone who wants to get going with casino chip collection initially needs to look over the denominational factor. Every casino has set denomination for their chips. To decide on which denomination of each chip seems feasible to you is a matter of personal choice.

Every casino has a standard system of denominations, starting from the €1 unit. The value of these chips, usually, range up to €100 chips. This range generally consists of €5, €10, €25, €50 and obviously, the lowest and the highest denominations as mentioned. All these different units come in different colours depending on the casino’s choice. The colour and design of even the same value chip varies everywhere and tends to get updated with the passing time. Giving every different unit a different colour facilitates their identification.

It is suggested to go for the smallest unit of these chips for casino chip collection. Once you pay the equivalent cash to obtain a chip for the purpose of collection, the money is gone forever. Being wise enough to not part your hard-earned money for the sake of chip collection is always the right choice.

However, the amount of money you want to spend on your hobby is a matter of personal choice and the individual’s financial condition.

Never a thing of history

The casino chips are independent of their casino running or dead. People still look for chips that date back to decades. The huge variety you will get to witness is surprising at times. According to the latest statistics, almost 50 – 100 new casinos are established every decade, keeping aside the ones that open and fail and ultimately get shut down. The variation in the design and colour of the casino chips is so vivid that one may not find a similar chip for a specific denomination in two different casinos.

There are people who look for such historical chips. Sites like Ebay offer the option to buy these “old steak chips” online. So, yes, these casino chips are not going out of fashion anytime soon.

Setting ground rules

Although collecting these chips is a personal choice and the parameters are also individual dependant, selecting the aspect for chip-collection provides structure to this work. You should decide that under what circumstances and conditions are you going to collect these chips. Any casino that you enter should not be the required aspect for you to start collecting these chips. Such a category will not make you feel anything special about that chip. It is always better to categorise it on the basis of your winnings or experience in the casino. This will help you to be sure of where to spend your money on your hobby of chip collection.

Complications to be aware of

Casinos are very strict of their tight security and always keep a watch on the players walking in and out.

Now you may ask, why do I need to worry about the chips that I have purchased for the sake of collection, which is completely legal?

Casinos have certain rules which might at certain conditions get you into trouble.

In a poker game, the house rule includes a provision of keeping all the chips on the table. So, if you are found to be pocketing any chip while still being in the game, it is known as “going south”. The staff and your fellow players might be offended by your action. This rule is also applicable in other table games like Blackjack or Craps because they also include frequent chip movements off and on the table.

Patience and understanding of the situation might keep you away from this unwanted and avoidable drama.

Final words

Collecting casino chips is a fun and fruitful hobby as a whole. Following the basic rules mentioned in this blog might give you a better and more organised experience of following your hobby.


Name: Things to be kept in mind while collecting casino chips
Author: Stanley Roberts
Published Date: 01/08/2019