A quick sneak-peek to claim the Best Casino Loyalty Program

A quick sneak-peek to claim the Best Casino Loyalty Program

Online gambling is one of the most competitive industries in the world where casino operators are constantly trying to out-market against competitors. In order to retain older customers, gambling sites have devised casino loyalty programs which reward players for gambling by awarding loyalty points and exciting casino promotions. This casino guide will explain to you how to get more out of a casino loyalty program.

A quick sneak-peek to claim the Best Casino Loyalty Program

What is a casino loyalty program?

A casino loyalty program is a reward program offered to gamblers who often gamble at a particular online casino. In this way, regular gamblers earn points for every deposit and every bet they make. They can later exchange the loyalty points for bonus cash or spend them in the casino’s store to buy some cool stuff. Some programs also host special promotions, such as special tournaments for their players.

Casino loyalty programs may differ from one casino to another based on the points offered. Some casinos may offer 1 point for each euro a player spends, while some may offer 3 points for the same amount. The number of points awarded is based on the games played by the player.

How does the loyalty program work?

The program works by collecting points every time you play a casino game. The offered casino games have a different value in points based on their variances. For instance, your bet on a slot game will result in higher points than your bet on poker, because slots have high variances than Poker.

Once you choose an online casino and decide you want to become their loyal customer, you will enter the first level of their loyalty program. You can check casino reviews to know the experience of previous players about the loyalty program offered in the casino. Once you have gathered a set number of points, your level within the loyalty program will be upgraded and you will unlock the next set of perks.

Most players usually reach higher levels once every three months. They will stay where they are if they couldn’t reach the next level. They cannot be eliminated from the loyalty program once they’ve entered.

Why should you join a casino loyalty program?

If you play regularly at an online or mobile casino and you’re not enrolled in their loyalty program for either reason, you are literally giving up free money. A good loyalty program will offer you a lot of benefits and you can be rewarded with special prizes and casino bonuses. Loyalty programs are getting better and more exciting these days.

It doesn’t cost you anything extra to join the program and you will be playing online casino games. So, you should take advantage of the extras that the casino has made available. If you gamble online, there’s a good chance that you will be automatically enrolled in the loyalty program. In some online casinos, you will need to actively sign up to receive any benefits.

Get a VIP status

Loyalty programs are often linked with VIP programs and enable players to get a VIP status. A VIP status offers a lot of benefits such as special bonuses, better conversion rates, prizes and presents. You will also get access to a personal manager who will be available to assist you in problems. It generally also leads to higher deposit and withdrawal limits as well as faster transactions.

As loyalty point earned also counts towards your VIP status, you can reach a higher VIP level by collecting more points. In general, you have to wager a lot of money to become a VIP player. At some casinos, reaching the higher level is impossible unless you deposit thousands of euros at a time, but that’s not the case with all casino operators. You should be consistent in playing and collecting points to get a VIP status. Online casinos re-evaluate player’s rank from time to time, so if you want to stay as a VIP, you have to be an active player.


Name: A quick sneak-peek to claim the Best Casino Loyalty Program
Author: Stanley Roberts
Published Date: 07/10/2019