Popular Advantage Play Methods for Live Dealer Casinos

A live dealer casino is the combination of an online casino and table casino. The broadcast of the game being online while the game being played somewhere on the ground inside a live casino studio. The common games offered in live casinos include Live Baccarat, Blackjack, Casino Hold’em and Roulette. You can have a verbal chat with the game dealer and keep an eye on the game you decide to play on. You are also given the option to make choices based on your preferred table and dealer. The main motive of live dealer casinos is to bring casino-like experience to the customer at the comfort of their homes.

These features may make you feel like you are in the casino, right next to the table. But this virtual presence, however, also gives you the benefit of using advantage play methods without the fear of being caught and thrown out of the game.


Basic advantage-play methods

Basically, two types of advantage play methods subsist in any casino game.

Legal methods

These methods are the techniques which do not involve any electronic medium. Methods like card counting and edge-sorting fall into this category. We shall discuss these methods further. But even following these legal techniques can get you into agitation in some casinos, if not all. You might not be charged with some legal actions but the casino might decide on whether to let you play or throw you out of the casino.

Illegal methods

Illegal methods include the involvement of electronic devices. You can be charged with legal actions if caught using these methods. Wheel Clocking is one such method.

Popular advantage play methods

Gamblers tend to use both legal and illegal methods to beat casino games. They decide on taking all kinds of risks as it pays back huge profits. We shall learn here of the Advantage Play Methods that can be used in live dealer casinos.

  • Card Counting

Card counting is one of the most famous techniques used by gamblers. Card counting is performed by keeping a track of the cards being thrown to you. This helps the gambler understand when the deck is rich in card value. There are many ways of doing that, the most commonly used technique being Hi-Lo calls. Gamblers calculate the deck value by categorising the cards into three.

Low cards (2-6) = +1

Neutral Cards (7-9) = 0

High Cards (A-10) = -1

After calculating the deck value, you can understand if the deck value is high or low and whether you should bet more money or not. Many Pro Gamblers like Al Francesco, Ken Uston and Ed Thorp have made a living through counting cards.

  • Edge Sorting

This technique involves keeping an eagle’s eye on the cards that are being used, for flaws and patterns that distinguish them from others. Recognising the cards just by looking at them from the back gives you a chance to decide whether or not to play your bet on it.

Some ways to sort out the differences are :

  • Look for imperfections on the long-side edges.
  • Study the flawed back to feel the irregularities which give out the card value.
  • Search for specific decks that have flaws.

However, the main problem with this method is that these irregularities or differences are very difficult to be spotted.

  • Wheel Clocking

Wheel Clocking refers to use of an electronic device to track and calculate the movement of the Roulette wheel and the ball as to where it is most probable to end up. This falls under the illegal methods of advantage play.

This can also be attained through visual tracking but the absence of electronic device makes it very difficult to analyse the movement. One cannot accurately reckon the following by visual tracking:

  • The ball’s velocity
  • Release point
  • Number of revolutions of the wheel

Since these are not the factors which can be calculated accurately by visually tracking it, very few people try this. However, these obligations make no difference in live dealer casinos as there is no one to check your means.

A conclusion might be of great help to end the perplexity of whether to go for advantage play methods or not.


Although all the above-mentioned methods may seem possible and unproblematic on a live casino platform, the live dealers take precautions to avoid such instances. They decrease Deck Penetration limit to avoid the Card Counting method. The camera is kept far from cards or the table until the final show up to avoid Edge Sorting and Wheel Clocking. So, to rely upon these methods is not the final solution to make a fortune.


Name: Popular Advantage Play Methods for Live Dealer Casinos
Author: Stanley Roberts
Published Date: 29/07/2019