How to ensure if the online casino password set is secure?

How to ensure if the online casino password set is secure?

Online casino is, incontrovertibly, the biggest market in the iGaming business. It is widely known for catering massive selections of both traditional and modern casino games, tremendous loyalty rewards, its state-of-the-art software and interface. Before signing up for an account at an online casino, the one common question or doubt every player have is the security and protection it offers to its account-holders. While it is a fact that online casinos are less likely to receive threats from outside sources, providers still need to keep in mind of online fraudsters and protect the website.

The one main feature to look for while looking for your ideal online casino to sign up is the security certificates it holds. The type of license the casino holds is displayed at the bottom of every casino’s homepage. The most common security certificate provider is Thawte that issues SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates to most of the online casinos. The SSL certificate is the most used encryption by the casinos to protect and ensure the website, players’ private details, and transaction details from hackers. Here are a few tips and tricks to secure your online casino password.

How to ensure if the online casino password set is secure?

Use long, unique and random passwords

With the increasing risk of hacking and illegal activities online, security experts now recommend online casino account holders to create a password that consists of a minimum of 15 unique characters. This is probably the most effective trick to protect your account from getting manoeuvred or misused by fraudsters. Creating a lengthy and bizarre phrase for every gaming account will secure the account, and prevent crackers, from hacking your account. To form a powerful key phrase, it is most effective when you add capital letters, numbers, and symbols.

Switch on your log-in notifications

Another option is to select the log-in notification of your account, which you will find it in the settings. By choosing this option, you will be sent a warning signal or message when unauthorized users attempt to sign-in your account.

Use a password manager

An alternative trick to ensure the security of your online casino password is to use a password manager. For those who aren’t aware of what it is, a password manager is a software app that stores and manages your passwords in an encrypted format for various online accounts and security features. So, in short, you can simply create a random password and store them in a vault. Memorizing your password is not easy, especially when it is a long and unique, and set different passwords for each and every online account. Writing down on a diary or on post-it notes can also be risky since it can be easily stolen from you. So, instead, you can always opt for the password managers apps such as LastPass, Sticky Password, KeePass, DashLane, and such. These apps are not only an essential factor, but they’re also free of cost, which you can use it on any operating system like Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Sign off once you’re done

Next tip to keep in mind while gambling online is to sign off your account once you’re finished with your gaming session. Even though some casino sites automatically log off your account once they sense your inactivity, you must always sign out manually as soon as you are done with your gaming session. That way, it prevents your account from hacking or being tempted to be used by unauthorized users.

Be mindful of phishing mails

Phishing is a cybercrime that attempts to acquire sensitive information of an account-holder. The illegal activities of phishing have been in existence for several decades, and people fall for these traps even today. In this cybercrime scheme, the criminals send phoney yet authentic-looking emails, texts, or through phone calls. They send you a link that directs to a fake login page for services you use, asking to click on the given link and enter your account details. Beware of such emails and messages and avoid clicking on the link, because they intend to steal your login details. Always remember that authorized and authentic online casinos would never send you such emails and texts asking you to confirm your identity or details. In case you doubt it, simply go to the official website address and login yourself. You may also contact the customer support team concerning the phishing emails.


Name: How to ensure if the online casino password set is secure?
Author: Stanley Roberts
Published Date: 28/08/2019