How is Baccarat Squeeze played?

How is Baccarat Squeeze played?

Card games are not unfamiliar to us. It is one of the most played games worldwide and still stands at the top at both land and online casinos. Among the card games, Baccarat is extremely popular amongst players, and the game variants are provided by leading game developers, where they endeavour to create the games with a modern touch and realistic appeal. Baccarat is basically a table game where players and the dealer compare their cards. The game is easy to understand and play and offers high winning scopes. There are several varieties of Live Baccarat games, and one of them is the Baccarat Squeeze, in which the dealer reveals face-down cards from time to time, which adds to the excitement and fun of the gameplay.

How is Baccarat Squeeze played?

What is Baccarat card squeezing?

Unlike other Baccarat games where the dealer deals two face-up cards to both the player and the banker, in Baccarat Squeeze, the dealer deals the card face-down. The croupier then exhibits the cards one by one by slowly turning them over and revealing a small part of it. Depending on the bets placed by the players, the dealer squeezes the cards with the highest total wager first, then presents the remaining hand.

Camera and table setups

The live-streaming of this game is done with a broad-angle view that helps capture all the details of the casino studio. Several cameras are installed at various angles to exhibit every gaming viewpoint in-depth to the players. The first camera is used to zoom in when the dealer squeezes the cards. The second webcam displays the visual of the dealer, and the third camera shows a close-up view of the hands dealt by the dealer. The streaming is done in high-quality display and audio sounds, giving players a realistic land-based casino appeal. Players can change the video quality anytime from the given options on the screen.

The dealer stands behind a bean-shaped table which is placed at the middle of the front camera angle. The table is designed with a wooden border and a patterned mustard fabric, where the interior of the studio reminds of the ancient Chinese casinos.

Baccarat Squeeze game rules

The game rules of Baccarat Squeeze is simple, but it comes with a consequence – you do not get to choose your own moves in the game. This is because every action is decided by the hand the player is dealt with. This can be confusing since the reaction of the dealer depends on the outcome of the player’s hand. Here’s a straightforward explanation for you:

In case one of the players gets total cards of 8 or 9, they immediately announce it, and all the cards of the players are turned over to decide the winner.

  • Player’s rule

If a player gets a total card between 0 to 5, he/she will draw a third card. If their total is 6 or 7, they will not obtain a third card.

  • Dealer’s rule

When the player does not receive a third card, the dealer plays by the same rule, which means, if the banker gets a total value of 0 to 5, they will receive a third card. And if the croupier has a hand of 6 or 7, they will not receive any card. In case, the player draws a third card, then the dealer’s reaction will be determined by it.

Additional features of Baccarat Squeeze

  • There is a live chat box option where players can send messages to the dealer, and you can drag and resize your fellow players to any area on the screen.
  • The house rule provides an in-depth description of the various aspects of Baccarat Squeeze.
  • A player can access up to four live dealer table provided by Evolution Gaming and play them all concurrently.


Name: How is Baccarat Squeeze played?
Author: Stanley Roberts
Published Date: 08/07/2019