Finding the Best Baccarat Games: Here is how

Baccarat is a comparing card game played between two hands, the player and the banker. The standard baccarat game has some rules and traits, they are:

  • Player bet has a 1.24% house edge
  • Banker bet has a 1.06% house edge
  • Tie bet has a 14.36% house edge
  • There are 8 decks in the game
  •  Commission taken from winning banker bets is 5%

These rules are common in the average baccarat game. This guide will help you choose the best baccarat game, played in either brick and mortar or mobile casinos.


Tips on Finding the Best Baccarat Games

  1. Look for Low Commission Baccarat

Betting on the banker has a lower house edge than that of the player. The house edge on a banker bet has low odds to win. To accommodate this, mobile casinos charge a commission of 5% on the wager. This means that any winnings coming from a banker bet will have a 5% deduction from the total winnings.

You can gain an edge when you find a game with reduced commissions. And this prompts to look for a 4% commission table.

The banker bet house edge drops from 1.06% to 0.60% when you find 4% commission baccarat.

 You don’t need any strategy to achieve the 0.60% house edge. All you need to do is make the banker bet every time

  1. Play EZ Baccarat

EZ Baccarat is a very popular form of Baccarat. It eliminates the 5% commission paid to the banker for winning a hand. That means you get paid a straight 1-1 on the banker bet.

This version offers a 1.02% house edge on banker bets.

The probability of bankers wins with three cards 7 in EZ baccarat is 2.25%; whereas for bankers wins with 6, the probability is 5.39% and has a 50% payout.

Even with the 50% payout, no commission baccarat has a higher house advantage as its rule caveat occurs more than twice as often.

3. Search for the Best Available Comps and Bonuses

Baccarat has a lower house edge and hence it does not offer many comps. This does not mean that you should avoid looking for the best comp rates in casino reviews.

You can visit the sites of online casinos and look at their terms and conditions to see the casino bonuses they are offering.

Brick and mortar comps are harder to figure out, but you can find more value through research or personal experience.

4. Look for a Small Number of Decks

Baccarat is one of the oldest table games and is readily available to play at most online casinos. Baccarat is not a game where rules can make a big difference, but you can go from 8 decks to 6 decks and play the best baccarat game.

A standard 8 deck game offers a 1.06% house advantage, whereas a 6 deck game features a 1.056% house edge.

Here is how this can make a difference in the long run:

  • You bet $200,000 on both types of games over the course of a year
  •  Your theoretical losses with 6 decks would be $2,112 (100,000 x 0.01056).
  • Your theoretical losses with 6 decks would be $1,056 (100,000 x 0.01056).

 Baccarat does not give you many other chances to reduce the house edge; hence the number of decks is one factor that can change help you to find the best baccarat game in online casinos that offer casino bonuses.

5. Ignore Distinction in Tie Bets

While wagering on tie bet in baccarat, you bet on the hand ending in a tie between the banker and the player. Many players refrain from placing this bet in mobile casinos because it carries a 14.36% house edge.

Some baccarat games offer 9:1 payout on the tie wager. The 9:1 payout reduces the house edge from 14.36% to 4.84% in an 8 deck game.

This is a marked improvement in your odds of winning, but the house bet is still four times higher than banker bet.

Baccarat is a game of chance and your odds of winning depend entirely on cards that the dealer provides in mobile casinos. If you want to play online baccarat, you can visit to check their casino reviews and play the best baccarat games. They also offer enticing casino bonuses to improve your online gambling experience.


Name: Finding the Best Baccarat Games: Here is how
Author: Stanley Roberts
Published Date: 19/08/2019