Baccarat odds and strategies you should know

Baccarat is one of the classical games of casino which is widely popular throughout the world. Also known by the name of “Punto Banco”, it is one of the favourite games of high stake gamblers. However, it is important for any player to know about the odds of the game before hitting on to this exciting game... Read More
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Finding the Best Baccarat Games: Here is how

Baccarat is a comparing card game played between two hands, the player and the banker. The standard baccarat game has some rules and traits, they are: Player bet has a 1.24% house edge Banker bet has a 1.06% house edge Tie bet has a 14.36% house edge There are 8 decks in the game  Commission taken from... Read More
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5 Steps To Becoming A Better Baccarat Player

Ever wondered how do casino enthusiasts master the game of Baccarat? Travelling from ritzy tables into the doors of live casinos, Baccarat games have led its way to the mass emerging from the hoity-toity era. From exclusive big machines to miniature Live Baccarat tables, gaming in casinos is just a click away. This uncomplicated game depends on... Read More
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Not So Popular Casino Games You Should Try

The whim of playing for money or making a wager undoubtedly depends on each person’ s temperament, be it sanguine, who is jolly by nature, and happy -go -lucky person, then there are games like slot machines where you can play and spend your leisure time, without giving stress to your mind. If you are goal-oriented, who... Read More
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Things to be kept in mind while collecting casino chips

Things to be kept in mind while collecting casino chips

Casino chips (also sometimes called as tokens or cheques) are a unified form of currency that can be exchanged only in casinos. These chips have no value outside the casino. You might wonder why the casinos prefer these real-world valueless chips as there mode of currency. Casino chips have a fixed value and are of uniform size... Read More
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Popular Advantage Play Methods for Live Dealer Casinos

A live dealer casino is the combination of an online casino and table casino. The broadcast of the game being online while the game being played somewhere on the ground inside a live casino studio. The common games offered in live casinos include Live Baccarat, Blackjack, Casino Hold’em and Roulette. You can have a verbal chat with... Read More
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Everything You Need To Know About The Customer Churn Rate

The churn rate is an important concept that does not get as much attention as it should. The churn rate in a casino is used to refer to the percentage of casino players who for one reason or the other leave an online casino and never visit again. The churn rate is important and as and when... Read More
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The Pros And Cons Of White Label Casinos

The Pros And Cons Of White Label Casinos

The white label casino is increasingly becoming ubiquitous with most casino operators going the white label route, instead of setting up new branches. Today, we will explain what the white label casino is all about and detail its sweet pros and hefty cons. Read on to know more! Whitewashing matters! So, what exactly is a white label... Read More
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The 5 Strangest Casinos You Should Know

We are all familiar with classic gambling pursuits such as Roulette, Blackjack, Poker and Craps. Most of these types of games date back centuries but continue to be played by enthusiasts all over the world, whether it is going to a real casino or playing mobile casino games during their commute. However, in some parts of the... Read More
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The Evolvement Of Online Gambling

The world of gambling we know today is in contrast to the one we knew over the last 2-3 decades. Though the core functioning lies in the same place, a lot of characteristics have departed from what they used to be. The current world is comparatively more open to this idea of online gambling and is even... Read More
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Experience Gaming On The Go At Coral Mobile Casino!

Coral mobile casino is one of the oldest and the most successful online casino existing around, alongside fellow casinos like William Hills, Paddy Power, and Ladbrokes. The website is encrypted with the latest encryption technology and offers an unending list of games, and have one of the best customer support teams. Despite successfully impressing the online players... Read More
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How is Baccarat Squeeze played?

How is Baccarat Squeeze played?

Card games are not unfamiliar to us. It is one of the most played games worldwide and still stands at the top at both land and online casinos. Among the card games, Baccarat is extremely popular amongst players, and the game variants are provided by leading game developers, where they endeavour to create the games with a... Read More
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An In-depth Analysis of the 1-3-2-4 System in Baccarat

An In-depth Analysis of the 1-3-2-4 System in Baccarat

Whenever you decide to play Baccarat game you may want to try out proven betting strategies that could help enhance your chances of winning. One of such betting strategies is the simple 1-3-2-4 betting system. What makes this a great betting system is that as a player if you emerge a winner in your first couple of... Read More
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Why is 3D Baccarat Best-loved?

Why is 3D Baccarat Best-loved?

For high roller looking for a fast-paced Baccarat game to play, they should try out 3D Baccarat. This is one Baccarat online casino game that is a visual masterpiece. With stunning graphics and appealing animation, this is one card game that everyone should try playing at least once in their lifetime. This Live Baccarat is a product... Read More
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A Comprehensive List of Baccarat Terminologies

Baccarat is another famous casino game that has been around for decades. It's not sure where exactly this game comes from because there is evidence in both Italy and France suggesting its beginning. So, considering that the origin of Baccarat is related to various countries around the world, it shares many jargons and phrases. If you're a... Read More
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The Most Popular Baccarat Books

The Most Popular Baccarat Books

Are you interested in mastering the complex game of Baccarat? There are many ways you can go about learning it: you can read Live Baccarat guides, watch tutorial videos, play friendly games, or even watch movies that show Baccarat. You can learn the basics of Baccarat any way you want, but if you wish to be a... Read More
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Steps to choose the best Baccarat betting system

Just like any gambling game, Baccarat is a game of luck. While the outcome of every round is out of your hands, you can control how much you win or lose each time. How? You can choose one of the betting systems gamblers have been using for years to achieve better results during their games. Here are... Read More
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Edge Sorting in Baccarat

Recently, edge sorting has got a lot of press because poker superstar, Phil Ivey has been accused of using the technique to win millions of dollars from a casino in New Jersey and London. Being able to identity cards when they are face down is a huge advantage in casino card games like regular and Live Baccarat... Read More
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What constitutes the game of Baccarat?

Live Baccarat stands out from other casino card games because of its unique scoring system. It is traditionally a high roller game in the casino. However, newer versions of the game, catering to low rollers also. The game is surrounded by superstition with the belief that there are a number of ways of tracking past scores and... Read More
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History of Baccarat

The popular casino game of Baccarat has a fascinating history which almost dates back to more than 500 years. It is speculated to have originated in Italy and introduced in France around the year 1490. An Italian gambler named Felix Falguierein is credited with the invention of the game. The game was played with tarot cards initially... Read More
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A guide to Playing Live Baccarat

A guide to playing Live Baccarat

If you like to play online and live table games, then Live Baccarat can be the one you should consider playing. It has simple rules and has great prizes to give away. If you apply the gaming strategies and tips well, you always have the scope to earn decent payouts within a short span of time. Usually,... Read More
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Everything You Need to Know About Live Baccarat

Everything you need to know about Live Baccarat

Live Baccarat may be a simplistic game to play, but the rules for dealing are somewhat inflexible. In this game, the cards whose value is lower than 10 will be taken at the value that they represent (i.e. a value of 5 is taken as 5) and it must be noted that Aces have a value of... Read More
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Strategies to Play Live Baccarat

Strategies to play Live Baccarat

The first impression you may have if you are new to the world of casino gambling is that Baccarat is a high-stake casino card game, one that is meant for the rich and famous. Well, this is not true; in Live Baccarat, all you need is a desktop/mobile device and Internet connection to start playing. Not only... Read More
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